Our process

A collaborative recruitment process

Our collaborative recruitment process was built to simplify outsourcing for your business. Our experienced outsourcing team works with you to tailor your roles, choose the perfect candidates, and seamlessly integrate them into your team.

1. Sourcing and screening
We help you create specifications for the roles you need.

2. Candidate assessment
We thoroughly assess each candidate before the recruitment process to ensure that your company's standards are met.

3. Recruitment
Once we have worked through the initial outsourcing assessment, we source experienced candidates for interviews that are best suited to your roles.

4. Interview
We arrange for you to interview the selected candidates to ensure you and your HR department are selecting the best professional for the position.

5. Start
We set up the office, take care of IT, HR and payroll for your new team members.

6. Investing in the employee
Satellite Office provides an industry leading Onboarding, Career Planning, Learning and Performance platform to maximise the potential of your talent.

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Our staff

Dedicated teams that seamlessly integrate with your business

Satellite Office ensures the onboarding process is simple, so your teams can start collaborating with your internal teams quickly. With senior executives on the ground in Manila, we vet each professional to ensure they match your company’s requirements. Each English-speaking candidate receives a thorough recruitment process that matches the client’s needs. All candidates have a minimum of two years of industry experience and are degree-qualified.

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