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Highly skilled offshore talent for your business

Matching your business with premium industry-experienced talent from the Philippines.

Every business has unique talent needs. This is why we take a partnership approach in understanding your business and talent requirements to find highly skilled candidates who are aligned with your growth needs and company culture.

Our industry-specialized recruitment team will take care of candidate sourcing and screening, as well as provide recommendations based on in-depth Philippine market research to help you make hiring decisions confidently.

Our customized recruitment process ensures that every person we endorse for processing is thoroughly screened to match your talent needs, enabling you to select the best candidate for your role.

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Our Process

How we hire the best talent for your role.

Efficient Recruitment Timeline

Hiring the best talent for your role in as short as 4 weeks.

The best candidates are in high demand, and moving fast with hiring means obtaining the best talent you need immediately. Our fast recruitment time helps attract, convert and hire the most qualified talent for your role. We work closely with you to speed up the recruitment process for the candidates you prefer, helping you make quick hiring decisions confidently.

Our key to success lies in having an in-depth understanding of your business requirements to ensure that all candidates we endorse align with your qualifications. Our industry-specialized recruitment team provides you with full support across role calibration, screening, interviews, and testing of candidates to ensure they meet your requirements.


Candidates screening and first interviews.


Second interviews and preparation of job offer.


Finalized office and facilities setup.


Commence savings and operational improvements.

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Professional recruitment process paired with a cloud-based recruitment portal.

We manage our professional recruitment process using industry leading cloud-based portal with a social media integrated candidate referral program. This ensures we extend our reach to get the best applicants, as well as give you a transparent view of our recruitment process.

Video screening and tailored skills testing to select the best talent available.

As part of our recruitment process, we also have video screening and tailored skills testing, so you can be sure that the candidates we endorse to you have the skills and expertise necessary for them to perform tasks you specify.

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Highly qualified offshore talent with specialized skills that match your growth needs and company culture.

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.


Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your offshore staff leasing requirements

Generally, what is the rule on wages?

Under Philippine law, wages are remunerations or earnings for services given. Employers and employees may agree on rate but should not fall below the minimum wages set by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPB} which has authority over the place of work. You can find the rate of minimum wage by going to the website of the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) http://www.nwpc.dole.gov.ph/rtwpb.html.

The pay of employees is intended to be given whole to the employee in Philippine legal tender. So, while payment by check and through automated teller machines (ATMs) are allowed, vouchers, promissory notes and gift certificates are not. Deductions from employee wages are generally frowned upon with only a few allowed by law including income tax, contributions to social welfare agencies such as SSS (Social Security System) and Pag-lbig, and union dues under appropriate agreements.

How does Satellite Office help find the right staff for my role?

The normal hours of work of an employee shall not exceed 8 hours a day and shall have a maximum of 40 hours a week. If made to work more than 40 hours, staff are entitled to Overtime Pay, which is at least a 25% premium charged on the hourly rate for the overtime worked, based on an ordinary day.

Can the normal hours be less than 8?

Yes. The law sets a maximum number of hours but does not prohibit work done less than eight hours. Thus, part-time work is allowed and pay corresponding to the actual hours worked will be paid.

Is it possible to provide a medical benefit for the employees?

Yes. Aside from the government-mandated Philhealth contribution, Satellite Office supplies added healthcare insurance for all employees as well as dependents where approved.

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