Our Talent as a Service model means there is no limit on what you can outsource

Our partnership approach in onboarding our clients means that we work with you through every stage of your outsourcing journey.

We collaborate with you to assess your business requirements and outsourcing goals. Based on your specific requirements we identify the right talent with scalability in mind. Through our specialized recruitment process, we ensure that we identify the best offshore talent that perfectly matches your role and experience requirements.

Satellite Office Outsourcing Services Overview Brochure 2022
Satellite Office | Services Overview

Gain control of your outsourcing strategy.


We give you total control over your team. You manage your Satellite Office team exactly like you do your other remote teams. You deploy your processes, training, and standards and seamlessly integrate the Satellite Office team into yours. For support, we assign you a Satellite Office Client Service Supervisor to be your point of contact in Manila. With traditional outsourcing, you have little control and visibility into the day-to-day operation of your assigned resources.

Our Talent as a Service model goes beyond traditional outsourcing. It is the next level in operating a remote team of talent. With your significant experience managing remote workers, where they reside has become significantly less important, so broaden your horizons.


Service Option

Work From Home


Work From Office

(Full-Service Model)



(Own Premises)

Initial Assessment





Serviced Offices

Staff Leasing

Support Services




Human Resources



Payroll & Compliance



IT & Technical Support



Specialised Training





Commercial Real Estate

Day-to-Day Operations






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Industry Expertise

Highly skilled offshore talent with experience in your industry.

Find out how Satellite Office can support you by recruiting and managing industry-experienced Filipino professionals for all relevant roles and levels of specialization you require.

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Tech, Telco & Digital

Retail & eCommerce

Financial Services & Lending

Logistics & Supply Chain


Construction & Engineering

Fully Flexible Arrangements

Work From Home, Work From Office, or a hybrid of both.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to partner with an outsourcing provider that understands the importance of flexibility and can support hybrid work arrangements for your offshore team.

Satellite Office offers the flexibility to build Work From Office (Full-Service Model), Work From Home (SOHO), or hybrid teams to suit your current mode of operation.

Let us help you secure a scalable, professional, and flexible workforce that can keep your operations running smoothly in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Satellite Office offshoring Outsourcing Staff leasing Philippines Remote work from home
Skilled Offshore Outsourcing talent team in the Philippines - Satellite Office

Client Services

A dedicated Client Services team that ensures you have full support in running your offshore team.

Our Client Services Team is your strategic point of contact. They ensure that your offshore operations run as smoothly as possible, with effective and efficient services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Client Services team provides support and coordination across the following areas:
  • Office fit-out
  • Signage and branding
  • IT and workstation allocation
  • Assistance with team building and structure
  • Recruitment
  • HR Support, including performance management
  • Payroll processing
  • Performance Management

Our Offices

Premium serviced offices in key business locations.

Our tier 1 private serviced offices fit teams of all sizes and provide a vibrant and professional work environment for your outsourced team in the Philippines.

With premium offices in the Philippines across Metro Manila’s major business districts as well as Cebu City, we offer you the flexibility to scale your team from 1 to 100+ offshore staff.

Each office features:
  • At least 3 fast and reliable internet connections, offering multiple redundancies
  • 100% backup power
  • Reception staffed during business hours
  • Strong security with either biometric, physical and on-device security
  • Multiple boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • 24/7 IT support via our dedicated NOC center
Bonifacio Global City

Uptown Place Town Tower 2

19th & 20th Floor, 11th Ave., Uptown Bonifacio Global City
Bonifacio Global City

Picadilly Star Building

20th and 24th Floor, Picadilly Star, 4th Avenue corner 27th Street, Bonifacio Global City

V Corporate Centre

5th & 9th Floor, V Corporate Centre, LP
Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma

15th Floor, Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Rockwell Sheridan Tower

10th Floor, Rockwell Business Center Sheridan Tower 1, Sheridan, Mandaluyong City

Skyrise 4

18th Floor, West Geonzon Street, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City

Our Process

Build a dedicated team in 6 simple steps.

When building a dedicated offshore team, timing is mostly governed by our client’s timelines. Satellite Office can strive to deliver a short timeframe if desired.

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.


Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your offshore staff leasing requirements

What services can be outsourced or offshored to the Philippines?

The Philippines is the leading contact centre hub in the world because of the Filipinos’ strong proficiency in English. However, the Philippines is also a global leader in a wide variety of other knowledge-based disciplines, processes and tasks, taking advantage of the country’s talented population and low labour costs. These include roles across all areas of Customer Service, Sales and Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Design and Content Management, IT and Development, as well as Finance and Back Office Processing

Read more about this in the Areas of Expertise section.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines gives your business access to experienced English-speaking professionals with up to 70% in annual cost savings per employee. Outsourcing offers businesses the ability to scale quickly, reduce costs, and run efficiently.

Read more about this in the Pricing and Savings section.

How does Satellite Office help find the right staff for my role?

Our highly experienced and specialized recruitment team uses a great combination of established recruitment processes together with new and advanced cloud-based recruitment tools, including video interviews and selective skills-based testing.

This allows us to effectively screen the employees we are hiring and evaluate if it matches the client’s requirements. The clients are also involved in the interview and selection processes to ensure that all employees hired are a great fit for any given position. Our recruitment process also includes conducting a thorough criminal background and character reference check.

Read more about this in the Talent Recruitment section.

Can I cancel the staff leasing service if the process is completed and there isn't a suitable candidate?

To date, clients have not experienced difficulty in finding the employee they need in the Philippines. However, in case this occurs, clients would only be invoiced once a candidate has successfully signed an employment contract (with the client’s final approval) and they commence employment.

Contact us for more information.

What sets Satellite Office apart from other outsourcing companies in the Philippines?

We provide highly consultative outsourcing services to our clients and take a partnership approach that continues through the life of the client.

The combination of highly experienced senior executive talent provides a strong point of difference to other outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

In addition, our specialized offshore recruitment professionals aim to recruit the best talent for any given role at the agreed budget. Each person we endorse for processing has been finely screened to match the client’s specific needs and our in-depth research of the Philippines outsourcing talent market. We focus on quality, and efficiency, continuously communicating with all points of contact to ensure that hires are not only the best fit for the job specification but are also a great cultural match for our client, maximizing the opportunity for them to contribute towards the growth and success of our clients.

Our on-going quality of services and operations also ensures an above industry average for client and staff retention. Satellite Office invests considerable time and resources into creating an exceptional work environment, both within our facilities as well as extra activities and engagement outside of the work environment.

Learn more about this in the About Us section.

Read more FAQs
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