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Offshore Outsourcing Solutions for Apparel Businesses

What does the ultimate remote team look like?

  • Team members that have the skills and experience to do the job
  • The team closely follows the processes you trained them on
  • The team performs to expectations and delivers results
  • The team allows you to control your labor costs because of geographic diversity

Satellite Office’s Talent as a Service delivery model allows you to build the ultimate remote team to support your business by bringing you the ability to access the vast pool of talent available in the Philippines and giving you direct control over the team.  This is not outsourcing; this is the ultimate remote workforce. The resources are employees of Satellite Office but are dedicated to your operation.

Accounting Manager for finance and back office team of Satellite Office

Trusted by leading retail brands.

You bring your processes, and we bring the talent. There is no limit on the type of team you can build with us!

Remote teams our Apparel clients have hired include:

Customer Service and Sales Support

Accounting and Finance

Back Office Support

IT and Software Development

Digital Marketing, Design and Content

Logistics and Inventory Management

Roles our Apparel clients have hired include:

  • Customer Service Officer
  • Senior Guest Experience Rep.
  • Guest Experience Rep.

  • Global Payroll Coordinator
  • Assistant Financial Accountant
  • Accounts Payable Officer
  • Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Administration Coordinator
  • Allocation Analyst
  • Ecommerce Coordinator
  • Email/Chat Customer Service Coordinator
  • People and Culture Coordinator

  • IT Support Administrator
  • NetSuite Support Executive

  • Photography Retoucher

Satellite Office: Retailers’ Offshoring Partner of Choice.

We have the recruitment capability and expertise to hire a multitude of resources.

Our industry-specialized Recruitment team can help you hire across a variety of roles required to keep your growth on track. Since you deploy your processes and they are followed by your Satellite Office team, there is almost no limit on what you can outsource.

We are a Retail Specialist.

Founded by a former Retail CEO, Satellite Office is a Retail specialist, helping you solve the challenges of finding highly skilled and experienced resources. Our clients include well-known global retail and eCommerce firms, and we have been awarded Best BPO Provider by global retailers.

We take a partnership approach.

We collaborate with you to assess your business requirements and outsourcing goals. We recruit the resources based on your specific skills and experience requirements and you get to personally select the people on your team.

Our unique Talent as a Service model goes beyond traditional offshore outsourcing.



We give you total control over your team. You manage your Satellite Office team exactly like you do your other remote teams. You deploy your processes, training and standards and seamlessly integrate the Satellite Office team into yours. For support, we assign you a Satellite Office Client Service Supervisor to be your point of contact in Manila.

With traditional outsourcing, you have little control and visibility into the day-to-day operation of your assigned resources.



We recruit the resources based on your specific skills and experience requirements and you get to personally select the people on your team. We offer full flexibility to build Work From Office, Work From Home, or hybrid teams to suit your current mode of operation.

With traditional outsourcing, many times they have a bench of resources that they assign to you so they can start billing for them.



At Satellite Office we share with you what the competitive salary range is and have you approved the final salary offered to the employee, so you know exactly what your team member is being paid.

With traditional outsourcing companies, they typically quote you an all-in hourly or monthly rate, and you don’t know how much of that is going to the employee.

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Our industry-specialized Recruitment team works closely with you to source the best talent for any given role you require.

Our Recruitment team has an in-depth knowledge of the Philippines labor market, where to find the top talent, and what competitive salaries are. Satellite Office has worked hard to earn a reputation as a great
place to work, which helps retain employees and encourages them to refer their friends to apply for open positions.

Client Services – Your support partner in Manila.

A dedicated Client Services team ensures you have full support in running your offshore team and have an easy to reach the point of contact. Your dedicated Client Services Supervisor will form a close relationship with you and your team and ensure two-way communication takes place whether your team is working in our office or from home.

Full human resources services to support your team.

Your dedicated team members are employees of Satellite Office. We provide a full portfolio of HR Services to ensure your team is fully supported and feels confident that Satellite Office is a great place to work, where they can grow and thrive.

Our Proven Process

Outsourcing Made Easy

A consultative approach built for transparency and success.

Wondering how much you can save with outsourcing?

Use our Outsourcing Savings Calculator.

Select the role, level of seniority, and number of employees you need for your business to discover real-time cost-savings percentage with outsourcing. The projected cost-savings percentage is based on current market research and does not yet include our service fee.

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With offshoring, you can have an annual savings of approximately 60% of the cost of hiring locally.
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Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your offshore staff leasing requirements

How can outsourcing help my Retail & eCommerce business?

Satellite Office partners with many known and up-and-coming retailers globally. Our partners benefit from all of the following:

  • Scale operations
  • Improve business strategies
  • Reduce operational costs by up to 70%
  • Innovate through technology
  • Enhance customer support
  • Enter new markets.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing gives your business access to experienced English-speaking professionals with up to 70% in cost savings. Satellite Office helps build dedicated offshore teams that are flexible and integrate effortlessly with your onshore teams, helping your business run faster and more efficiently, with less overhead costs.

How does Satellite Office help find the right staff for my role?

Satellite Office offers a consultative account management approach to outsourcing, which means that we partner with you through every stage of the outsourcing process. We help refine your role and then vet the highest quality candidates that perfectly match your business and open position. Our support doesn’t stop when your recruitment is delivered. We continue to nurture and manage the selected staff to ensure high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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