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The reality is that today, businesses of all sizes are offshore outsourcing staff and this trend is only set to increase in the future. Offshore outsourcing provides companies, large or small, with access to:

  • A highly skilled, English speaking, university educated, remote workforce
  • Significant costing savings on successful staffing solutions
  • First class technology

All of the above make it a viable option for most forward thinking business leaders.

Tried and tested for over a decade with large companies relocating core functions of their operations overseas, in particular the Philippines, the offshore outsourcing movement has swiftly spread down to much smaller companies.

“The global offshoring and outsourcing markets have experienced enormous change over the last 10 years, with a key outcome of this change being the rise of the Philippines. With average annual growth rates of over 23% for the last 10 years, the Philippines is now the global leader for all voice related offshoring and outsourcing functions and is continuing to increase market share across IT, technical, finance and creative roles.”

Michael McRitchie, CEO & Founder, Satellite Office

Why is offshoring suitable for small and medium sized companies?

The key to small to medium sized businesses thriving in this new global marketplace is for them to harness the opportunities that offshore outsourcing can deliver and understand it can be vital to their survival.

They can be more agile and quick to benefit from its many advantages including:

  • Freeing up much needed capital
  • The ability to fast track expansion plans
  • Improvement in operational efficiencies
  • Increasing their competitive edge in their industry.

Satellite Office focuses on partnering with small to medium-sized companies by providing successful, tailor made, offshore outsourcing solutions in the Philippines across a wide range of disciplines.

“We were a new ecommerce company in a period of growth looking to cut our cost base by offshoring an initial team of 10 key staff in the Philippines when we met with the Satellite Office. They presented an offshoring strategy that met our business goals perfectly. From recruitment, HR and all supporting services provided by Satellite Office on an ongoing basis, our team in the Philippines work seamlessly with our Australian offices and is an extension of our business.”

Satellite Office Client, Specialty E-commerce business, Team of 12 staff.

The unique Full Service Model that we offer at Satellite Office is effective with a team of 2 and upwards to larger teams of 100 staff.

Contact us today for an initial discussion to take advantage of this global resource.

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.

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