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Nowadays, offshoring talent in the Philippines is not just a trend but a critical strategy for many businesses. There are over 700 BPO companies across the archipelago. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the country and is projected to generate more than USD 400 billion in revenue in the coming years. The tremendous growth prospects in the sector consistently attract foreign investors to the country. 

Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

The outsourcing industry is expected to provide job opportunities to millions of individuals. More outsourcing companies are also transforming to adopt technological advances. 

Here are the top 5 offshoring companies in the Philippines if you are planning to outsource your customer service and back-office operations functions: 

  1. Satellite Office

Satellite Office has more than 20 years of experience in the BPO industry, partnered with more than 100 companies across sectors, and has 1000+ talents for various roles. 

Satellite Office is more than a traditional staff outsourcing service provider. They aim to build strong client partnerships, have a deep and intimate understanding of their client’s challenges and pain points, and provide a tailor-fit solution that addresses specific business requirements. Their approach is highly consultative, and they respond to clients with a faster turnaround time. 

Satellite Office was ranked #28 on The Australian Financial Review Fast Starters list in 2017 and #16 in 2018, growing at an average of 100% per year for the last three years. In 2020, for the third time, Satellite Office was ranked #37, resulting in an annual growth of 65%. The AFR Fast Starters recognize Australia’s fastest-growing companies across industries and widely recognized and respected benchmarks for all emerging companies.

In 2021, Satellite Office was awarded the Best Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider in the National Online Retail Association (NORA) Solution Partner Awards. Global BPO TA Awards also awarded it as the Best Candidate Experience Award and Most Inspiring TA Leader with their Recruitment Manager. 

In 2022, Satellite Office ranked in the Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific placing 60th in Australia and 358th among 500 companies in Asia Pacific among various industries. 

Satellite Office collaborates with its clients and assesses their business needs before identifying the right talent. Here are the services that Satellite Office offers:

  • Talent Recruitment – They hire the best talent in as short as four weeks.
  • Premium Offices – They can provide a plug & play office spaces designed to be flexible and located in the business district in the Philippines.
  • Flexible Work Setup for their client’s offshore team
  • Build, Operate, and Transfer – They help companies have a smooth transition toward incorporation.
  1. Sitel

Sitel is one of the largest global customer experience (CX) product and solution providers. It has 12 outsourcing centers in the Philippines with more than 20,000 talent. It was founded in 2000 and showed huge growth and development in its customer base from the software, technology, finance, and distribution industries.  

  1. Teleperformance

Teleperformance has operated in the Philippines since 1996. They have over 40,000 team members in 20 business sites across Metro Manila, Cavite, Baguio, Cebu, Bacolod, CDO, and Davao. Teleperformance offers Digital CX and AI, CX Management, Analytics and Consulting, and Specialized Services.

  1. StaffVirtual

StaffVirtual is an American BPO with offices in the Philippines specializing in Customer Support, Back Office, and more. They have one office in the Philippines located in Pasig City and another in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2009 and believed in the Japanese word “Kaizen,” which means “continuous improvement” and “good change.”

  1. TTEC Holdings, Inc.

TTEC Holdings, Inc., formerly named “Teletech” was founded in 2001 in the Philippines. With more than two decades of existence, TTEC now has 19 service delivery centers nationwide, while 90% of its 20,000 employees are immersed in Australia and New Zealand. Today, TTEC continues to help businesses across Automotive, Communications and Media, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, and other industries.

Are You Ready to Start Your Offshoring Journey?

Picking the right offshoring partner is challenging. You need to assess not only your possible partner but also your company. You need to scrutinize and see how you will collaborate for the betterment of the business. We hope this list can help you decide on your offshoring partner and boost your business.

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