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Satellite Office, in partnership with AC Health, purchased Moderna Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate all its staff and their selected dependents. This is in line with the Company’s mission to prioritize the health and well-being of its people.

In a survey conducted by the management, 94% of SO staff have agreed to receive the vaccine once available.

To further help all employees understand the benefits of the vaccines, Satellite Office launched the #SOSafe campaign to provide vaccine education and increase confidence in the vaccination program. To kickstart the campaign, Satellite Office’s management invited medical experts from Ayala Health who conducted webinars and answered frequently asked questions about the vaccine.

Satellite Office will be using the HealthNow App to deliver a hassle-free experience by bringing healthcare services in one easy to use app. The app’s COVIDShield function will be utilized to conveniently inform SO staff and their registered dependents on their vaccination schedules. Following the government’s vaccination prioritization hierarchy, this app will notify users when and where to expect their vaccination appointments.

Aside from scheduling, the HealthNow App also keeps users’ medical and vaccination records for easier access whenever needed.

The safety of its people remains one of the outsourcing company’s top priorities, hence it will continue its #SOSafe campaign to give the staff accessible and correct information about vaccines and details on other health-related initiatives.

As more supplies of vaccines are being delivered to the country, Satellite Office is optimistic that we are on the right path towards recovery.

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