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An increasing number of people enjoy shopping online because it offers a more convenient experience. Consumers can now shop without leaving the comforts of their homes,  avoid long lines in physical stores, get better deals, and have a wider selection of products to choose from. 

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Online shopping has opened doors for many digitally-native retail brands to grow their business and improve customer experience with customer service outsourcing. According to data online, eCommerce exponentially grew in 2020. Many consumers have turned to online retailers for essential items and other personal buys because of quarantine mandates due to the pandemic. Food, toys, electronics, clothing, sporting goods, and housewares are among the fastest-growing merchandise categories. 

Online shopping is here to stay. Businesses that see this as an opportunity are adapting to adjust to this digital sales boom. Market data provider, Statista, projected that retail eCommerce revenues will grow up to $5.4 trillion in 2022. This means growth for Direct to Consumer (DTC) retail brands. DTC retailers looking to grow need to scale inventory and expand customer service outsourcing to cater to increasing consumer demand.

The market trend has changed how people shop and their customer service expectations. Empathic, proactive, and personalized communication is important in ensuring an excellent experience for shoppers. Aside from maintaining amicable relations with regular patrons, new and potential customers must be taken care of as well.

Improving customer service with offshoring companies in the Philippines

Offshoring companies in the Philippines offer a sustainable and cost-efficient solution to finding dedicated resources to manage customer service representative jobs for your business. It is important to find the right people to handle both inquiries and complaints from clients. Having competent and responsible customer service people will help your direct-to-consumer retail brand avoid unnecessary PR disasters caused by a missed, unanswered, or mishandled call.

The Philippines remains to be the top outsourcing and offshoring destination for many international companies. Filipinos are known to be globally competitive offshore outsourcing  talents, who are highly educated with strong English proficiency. They are good and pleasant communicators, naturally polite and patient which are all essential in dealing with all sorts of customers. Effortlessly building a good rapport between customers and clients is a Filipino’s strong suit. Choosing to set up your customer service team in the Philippines is a practical business investment. Friendly and hospitable customer service representatives will surely help you retain relationships and create loyal customers as you scale up.

Filipinos can adapt easily to Western clients. The Philippines is a former U.S. colony and this has greatly influenced their culture and even their work practices. Working with Filipinos parallels working with Australians and Americans but is more cost-competitive.  The Filipino workforce offers low labour costs without compromising the quality of work. The country also has the lowest rental rates in the region, with very reliable, low-cost telecommunication and power infrastructure.

With the right provider, your DTC brand will find the perfect customer service that matches your business needs. Satellite Office is your premium offshore outsourcing solutions provider and the trusted partner of many companies in successfully establishing, building, and managing a dedicated offshore team. Our offshore model also suits positions across various functions in Customer Service & Sales, Digital Marketing, Creative Design & Content, and IT & Software Development.

In need of a world-class customer-centric service? Satellite Office can help you with your offshoring journey.

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