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Offshoring is an intelligent move for your business to save cost and time while improving productivity and your company’s overall performance. Thus, choosing your offshoring partner is more than just selecting from a list of offshoring providers. A company needs a careful and meticulous vendor review process because it can significantly affect your business and customers. A single mistake in choosing your offshoring partner may lead to a substantial negative impact on your reputation and how customers perceive your business. 

Here are several factors you should look for to meet the best offshoring partner.

offshore company in the Philippines and office spaces - satellite officeCredibility and Track Record

Whether it’s an offshoring provider or not, the main requirement you should look for in a company is its credibility and track record.

You can easily spot this in today’s online world by just surfing the web. Check if they are legally registered as an offshoring business and how long they have been in the industry. Check if they have a legitimate and secured website, who their team members are, as well as their certifications, awards, and affiliations.

You can also check their list of satisfied clients by looking at their website’s testimonials, review sections, social media, and online forums. 

Management/ Staff Resources

Another factor you should look for is the people behind their operations. 

Check the Country Manager who will handle your team and his background in your field PR industry. 

During the discovery call, you can also ask about their recruitment process — how they will pick the right team members that will fit your business from their core competencies, communication skills, cultural understanding, and where they will source the talent.

You can also ask about the process of handling the team, so you’ll have an idea of their process library. You can cite several challenges that might arise and how the team can resolve them. In such a way, you’ll get an idea not on their expertise alone but how they would work as a team amidst challenges. 


Aside from a Service Level Agreement signed by both parties, your offshoring partner should constantly communicate with you for a smoother process. 

Your offshoring partner should also be consultative and guide you throughout your offshoring journey — from the time you sign the Contract/ SLA, develop transition plan/ execution, during the independent phase, or when your offshore team finally has complete ownership of the business process.

A reliable offshoring partner should quickly respond to your needs and questions as soon as possible. Therefore, they should have proper communication tools/channels and a dedicated individual you can depend on. 


Flexibility is a key to competitiveness. Hence, your offshore partner should be flexible enough to cater changing demands of your business. They should be able to customize the recruitment process to align with your business needs, quickly adjust to your business processes whenever necessary and continuously improve despite the changes along the way.

Before signing a contract, you can discuss this openly with your prospective offshoring provider so that both of you are aligned on the next steps.

Ready to Start Selecting Offshoring Companies in the Philippines?

To properly pick the right offshore partner, you can shortlist at least three of your prospective offshoring providers, list them down in an excel file, set-up a discovery call, and compare them using the above parameters. These simple steps would make a difference in deciding which provider would be the best for your business. 

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