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Offshoring outsourcing is not new, but the demand for it has increased over the last two years due to the pandemic. Businesses that choose to increase their offshore capability have experienced significant cost-savings, gained access to a wider pool of talent, and leveraged remote teams to scale their operations.

Due to fast technological advancement, offshore support services have improved significantly, providing more value to businesses with offshore resources. With automation, cloud capability, and more emerging technology, there is no doubt that these trends will drive the future of offshoring.

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The Biggest Offshoring Trends That You Should Know

Flexible Offshoring Solutions

More companies are moving away from traditional outsourced business process services that act as third-party vendors taking on transactional tasks and business processes. Today, businesses are seeing the value in flexible offshore outsourcing solutions that allow them to manage their remote teams the way they see fit. With a flexible offshoring delivery model, businesses have full control of their offshore team’s productivity, output quality, and targets.

New Offshore Locations

Various companies are now seeing better opportunities to expand their businesses because they can relocate the majority of their services offshore. In fact, new offshore locations in Asia and Latin American countries have been seeing a massive increase in task demands. 

Currently, the Philippines is one of the most popular offshore outsourcing locations in the Southeast Asian region because of lower labor costs, high English proficiency, a highly-skilled workforce, and excellent infrastructure. In addition, the country’s education and culture are closely linked with Western countries, so it is easier for Filipino offshore talent to align with their client’s company culture and processes. 

Aside from being a top offshore location, the Philippines is also one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers globally, where many local and foreign companies can acquire services for their start-up or established businesses.

Increase in Collaborative Tool

The use of collaborative tools also increased in the past few years — mostly thanks to offshoring. 

Many app developers have been working on more collaborative tools to improve communication and teamwork among companies and their workforce, allowing them to have clear and constant connections and achieve a single goal.

This development has been key to the recovery of economies worldwide, especially due to the pandemic, making even the work-from-home setup still an efficient workplace. 

Several examples of project management, communication, and team management tools that emerge are Jira, Trello, Asana, Click Up, Slack, Zoom, Team Viewer, GitHub, inVision, and many more. 

The Future of Offshoring 

Offshore Outsourcing trends are a huge contributor to successful offshore partnerships and operations. The technology and these enhancements help boost the current and future offshoring process and ensure that every aspect is structured and effective. 

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