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The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), in partnership with the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI), recently held the Talent Summit 2023 to promote its objective of upskilling workers in the IT BPM sector. Attended by industry players, the academe, and the government, the summit showcased the Philippine IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028 with the goal of making the country the world’s leading “experience hub for digitally-enabled and customer-centric services.”

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As a premium offshoring solutions provider connecting the Filipino digital talent with global businesses, Satellite Office supports the Philippine IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028. Helen Inukai-Santos, Satellite Office’s Learning and Development Manager participated in the summit and shared three great insights on the different opportunities the IT-BPM industry can explore in the next years.

1. The most essential skill in the industry today is “Learning to Learn”. In the face of rapid change, our workforce needs to have a constant desire to learn and learn fast. Upskilling/Reskilling is not just dictated by the business, individuals need to do so to remain relevant and successful in what they do.

To rephrase what one of the speakers advised the audience in the first panel discussion on how to safeguard the competitiveness and readiness of the Filipino talent pool, “Be very good at what you do, you will not get any satisfaction if you are not good at what you do.” A very good advice indeed, young and old alike.

2. The IT BPM industry landscape is ripe and full of promise. The speakers from Kearny shared the outlook that “10-15% of jobs in the future will be entirely new, mostly in digital, requiring a massive shift in talent.” I will leave it up to you, if you see this is a positive or negative outlook, personally, I look at this as an opportunity.

To capture the message in a nutshell, you can expect the high demand for talent in the IT-BPM sector, the question is how we get ready to supply that demand. The message of Mr. Fred Ayala, President of the iPeople Group of Schools, resounded with me in that he echoed the need for the Learning to Learn skill, and that the future is now – which puts the onus on all sectors to act sooner rather than later.

3. The call to action is working together to address the talent crisis. The massive undertaking is to create an entire ecosystem to develop and nurture the talent pool that will provide our country with 1.1 million jobs and grow into a US$59 billion industry.

While “collaboration” was the buzz word in the conference, I think it is an inadequate word to even begin to address the talent crisis in the country today (because there is a crisis, and it needs to be addressed). What is promising is that IBPAP was able to put together an event that had a very good representation from the industry, the government, and the academe to hear each other out.

The call to action is clear, collaboration between the academe and the industry to deliver on programs such as early adoption of digital literacy in the education system, enterprise-based training, and effective apprenticeship & OJT experience for students. There is also a need for government regulations and funding to foster the digital ecosystem.


With the rise of digital transformation, automation, and cloud technology, industries are evolving at a rapid pace. For Satellite Office, it now becomes crucial to equip the workforce with the technical and soft skills needed to meet the demands of this unprecedented era of transformation as part of the offshore outsourcing cycle.

As part of Satellite Office’s purpose of transforming the way the world does business and helping our people grow to their highest potential, Satellite Office established its own learning platform, Satellite Office Learning, Education, and Development (SO-LEAD), in 2021.

Powered by SumTotal, our Learning Management System (LMS) platform aims to deliver improvements in our employees’ performance through Learning & Development and Performance Management. This initiative focuses on upskilling and reskilling our people, which will then support our clients in achieving sustainable growth, productivity, and business efficiency.

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