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Satellite Office, a trailblazer in Australia’s staff offshoring solutions space, together with Ortus Club, presented the Fast Track Leaders Dinner, at the Park Hyatt’s Hotel, Sydney last night.

Innovators, Founders and Senior Executives of some of Australia’s most exciting and fast-growing start-up companies were invited to gather together in a carefully crafted setting to debate some of the hot topics relevant to their business landscape past, present and future.

Fervent and robust dialog around ‘Australia’s competitiveness as a hub for innovation and fast growth firms’ was heard as attendees discussed:

‘Hiring the right talent at the right time’

‘Raising in Australia’.

‘Balancing the needs of a fast growing company’

‘Keeping the focus on the big picture and strategy for future growth’

In addition to the presence of industry leaders, the organisers were thankful for the participation from Telstra Retail to provide expert insight into the global space, current trends as well as future gazing.

With a growing trend in Australian companies recruiting offshore staff, Satellite Office will assist Australian businesses to build their own dedicated teams in the Philippines. As founder and CEO Michael McRitchie explained, purpose-built teams service clients’ businesses exclusively, tapping into the educated, English-speaking and proven talent pool of the Philippines.

“Developing Australian businesses, carving their niche in this new global community have a wealth of opportunity in terms of new technology and resource solutions open to them to help them thrive. We are passionate about putting our clients in the best possible position to make key operational improvements, lower their cost base, and unlock capital to reinvest in their business.”
Michael McRitchie, Founder & CEO

Satellite Office’s exceptional growth has already been built on a strong and reputable client base across global media (ASX Listed), retail and ecommerce, online education, energy /utilities, gaming, IT managed services, digital marketing agencies, virtual reality, technology, finance, accounting and legal firms. Clients have varied from publicly listed, private, private equity and venture capital backed entities.

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.

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