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Customer service outsourcing is vital to your business growth. Whether through your products or services, customer experience does not start and stop at the purchase. Therefore, companies should strive to provide an exceptional customer experience and quality service. Businesses that are looking to grow now focus on establishing rapport and building long-term relationships with customers.

Several retailers are turning to business process outsourcing to ensure the delivery of a consistent customer experience. Here are ways on how offshoring outsourcing can improve your customer service.

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Highly Trained Remote Customer Service Talent 

Customers prefer personalized interactions. It means that your customer service personnel should be able to respond timely. Customers are also looking for services with a human touch, which requires agents who can dive deeper into their issues. At the end of the day, retailers with the capability to curate solutions customized to their customers’ needs win.

Customer experience significantly impacts the public’s impression of your brand and trust in your company. With offshoring, you can hire highly trained Customer Service resources that can improve your customer care programs. Filipino Customer Service Representatives are known for their English proficiency and close affinity to the Western culture. They can easily adapt to your culture, are patient, flexible, willing to go beyond what’s expected, and consistently deliver based on set targets. 

24/7 Customer Support and Operation

Customers don’t like to wait. Resolving the issue without delay is a key step for their happiness and satisfaction. It is fundamental to building a customer-centric organization. Thus, having an offshore team that can cover different countries and time zones allows around-the-clock support and timely responses to customer queries.

It also provides a substantial competitive advantage. Having a solid focus on after-hours Customer Service Support makes your clients feel valued.

In addition, 24/7 support improves your team’s efficiency. With more skilled team members, workload is better managed. No one from the shift is bombarded with more calls and customers than they can handle. Instead of one team member supporting the operation for twelve hours and constantly handling backlog cases, you can have a bigger team with more capacity to give each customer the proper attention they need.

You Can Train them on Company Standard Operating Procedures

Having an SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) ensures that all processes are being done according to your business standards. It’s easier for Customer Service team members to do more with fewer risks. It also facilitates better transfer of knowledge for business continuity. 

Training is also part of offshoring. You can conduct training and workshops before transferring the entire Customer Service operation to your offshore team. You can also monitor them at the beginning of the training to quickly identify the problems, address them and track their progress. 

You can also hire Team Leaders who are tasked to lead your offshore Customer Service team to meet KPIs, resolve escalated customer issues, develop policies and procedures, train new team members, and more.

Partner with a Trusted Offshoring Provider

When done right, offshoring can significantly improve customer experience and service quality. Whether it is emails, chat, or phone support, with Customer Service outsourcing, going live 24/7 is no longer a challenge.

Satellite Office is your expert offshoring partner

Satellite Office has a proven track record of assisting businesses to leverage the benefits of outsourcing by building them a dedicated, highly skilled, and cost-efficient offshore team in the Philippines

Our tailored offshore outsourcing solutions give businesses full control of their remote team’s productivity, output quality, and targets, while we provide comprehensive support that makes managing offshore employees as simple as possible. Experience a full-service model, including premium facilities, HR, IT infrastructure, account management, and payroll support services, with no hidden fees.

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