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offshore jobs hiring Philippines at Satellite Office - HR interview questionsOutsourcing and offshoringRecruitment
June 21, 2022

Hiring the Right Candidate for Your Offshore Team – Interview Questions to Ask

Making the right hiring decisions can positively impact business growth, profitability, and team productivity. Thus, every company that plans to do offshoring must partner with an expert provider with a…
offshore satellite services in the Philippines, offshoring outsourcing meeting - Satellite OfficeOutsourcing and offshoring
June 17, 2022

Outsourcing vs. Offshoring

Offshoring and outsourcing are often used synonymously because of their similarities. While both work on extended teams in different locations, there are still significant differences between the two methods. Depending…
Office Spaces in Picadilly Star Building - Satellite Office Offshoring Outsourcing PhilippinesOutsourcing and offshoring
May 5, 2022

Top 5 Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines is known as one of the top countries for outsourcing services globally. It is home to some of the biggest providers of offshore outsourcing or BPO. The BPO…
local team and staff leasing outsourcing companies in the philippines - satellite officeOutsourcing and offshoring
May 5, 2022

Reinforcing Your Company Culture – How to Make Your Offshore Team an Extension of Your Local Team

A positive corporate culture can help create a productive workplace. Eight out of 10 employees and executives say a productive workplace—one that empowers employees to pursue their professional interests and…
retail ecommerce outsourcing philippines - satellite officeOutsourcing and offshoring
April 13, 2022

How Offshoring Can Help Retailers Solve the Talent Shortage and Rising Labor Costs

The retail industry has been growing rapidly in the past few years. However, with shifting consumer demand and a growing landscape of retail competition, retailers also face several challenges, such…
outsourcing customer service - outsourcing companies in the PhilippinesOutsourcing and offshoring
April 13, 2022

How Offshoring Can Improve Customer Experience and Service Quality

Customer service outsourcing is vital to your business growth. Whether through your products or services, customer experience does not start and stop at the purchase. Therefore, companies should strive to…
customer service representative jobs in the Philippines - Satellite OfficeOutsourcing and offshoring
March 21, 2022

Customer Service Outsourcing: Key to Direct to Consumer Retail Growth

An increasing number of people enjoy shopping online because it offers a more convenient experience. Consumers can now shop without leaving the comforts of their homes,  avoid long lines in…

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