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Access a full-time dedicated remote team and improve operational efficiency without sacrificing company culture.

Our business model for offshore outsourcing allows you to manage your offshore staff the way you see fit, seamlessly integrating your business culture and industry best practices.

We source, screen and test the best available talent for your roles to your exact specifications, and you make the hiring decision. You have full control of the team and real-time visibility.

Scale up or down when needed while enjoying transparent pricing and a stress-free end-to-end outsourcing experience.

Seamlessly integrate your offshore talents as an extension of your local team.

Our flexible offshore outsourcing solutions enable you to manage your offshore employees your way and seamlessly integrate them as an extension of your local team. You have full control of your team’s productivity, output quality and targets while we provide you with comprehensive support that makes managing your offshore team as simple as possible. We take care of recruitment, performance management, upskilling, HR, payroll, IT support, and infrastructure, so you can focus on achieving your business targets.

Future-proof your operations and enjoy an end-to-end offshore outsourcing experience with no hidden fees.

Highly Skilled Talent

Every business has unique talent needs. This is why we take a partnership approach in understanding your business and talent requirements to help you find candidates that are not only highly skilled but are also a perfect fit for your business growth targets and company culture.

Learn more about our Talent Recruitment Process  >>

The 3-to-1 Value Rule

Outsourcing and offshoring can help you lower your operating costs. Hire up to 3 highly skilled offshore talents, in the Philippines, for the same cost as 1 local team member.

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Premium Office Space

Satellite Office provides you and your team with premium office spaces in 6 locations in the 3 major Metro Manila’s business districts — BGC (Bonifacio Global City), Makati, and Ortigas, as well as in Cebu City.

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Hybrid Working Solutions

Lower your operational costs while making improvements to your business by leveraging off our unique remote staffing model, with the flexibility to build Work-From-Office (Full Service Model), Work-From-Home (SOHO), or hybrid teams to suit your current mode of operation.

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Full Scalability

Our partnership approach in onboarding our clients means that we work with you through every stage of your outsourcing journey, from assessing offshoring and business process outsourcing opportunities based on your needs and pain points, mapping out talent requirements with scalability in mind. 

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Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions

Our comprehensive full-service model also includes premium office facilities, HR, payroll, account management, and IT support services, so you can focus on managing your team and growing your business.

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We bring extensive outsourcing expertise across several industries to deliver a smooth and stress-free outsourcing experience.

Tech, Telco & Digital

Retail & eCommerce

Financial Services & Lending

Logistics & Supply Chain


Construction & Engineering

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Highly qualified offshore talent with specialized skills that match your growth needs and company culture.

Customer Service & Sales

Outsourcing your customer service and sales to the right partner can deliver improvements to your customer care team, while providing additional benefits in terms of scalability and flexibility. The candidate pool of customer service and sales representatives in the Philippines is vast, and the role covers voice, chat and email.

Creative Design & Content

From website layouts, graphic and web design, to the creation of marketing collaterals, videos and advertisements, as well as CAD skill sets, Creative & Design covers a wide range of disciplines, across a board range of industries and mediums: print, broadcast, television, internet, mobile, gaming and CAD related fields.

Digital Marketing

The Philippines is a global leader in providing digital skill sets. With today’s proliferation of digital channels and intensified competition, it’s increasingly challenging to secure the right talent. Satellite Office can help you find the right candidates for the roles you seek.

IT & Software Development

The Philippines is a global leader in providing IT and software development skill sets. Satellite Office can manage the recruitment of talented software, web and mobile developers, designers and programmers, and create the client’s own team in executing software development projects.

Finance & Back Office

There is a wealth of talented, qualified finance professionals as well as other back office disciplines available across a broad range of functions such as finance and accounting, accounts receivable & payable, compliance reporting, data entry, payroll related matters, and more.

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Trusted by leading brands, globally.

Our team in the Philippines is an extension of our Sydney team and that wouldn’t be possible without the support from Satellite Office .

GlenVP of Customer Experience of an Online Pet Store

We’re more than happy to recommend Satellite Office to any organisation looking to offshore.

Michael FoertschBusiness Manager, Professional Advantage

Satellite Office has been instrumental to our growth. They've helped us expand our team by finding high-quality offshore talent that otherwise would have been challenging to source locally. I would definitely recommend Satellite Office as a partner to any business looking to grow in the Philippines.

LouiseGlobal Head of Human Resources of a Financial Services Company

Satellite Office has the flexibility, the people and the experience.

Scott HendersonCEO, QEnergy

Compared to all of the other companies that we looked at for outsourcing, Satellite Office offered the most value for what we were looking for.

Michael ConnerleyCustomer Success Manager, SiteMinder

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.


Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your offshore staff leasing requirements

Why choose Satellite Office?

Satellite Office is a premium offshore services provider offering superior levels of service across our end-to-end solution. We have experienced cross-cultural management team composed of Filipinos and expatriates with years of experience in the BPO industry as well as dealing with foreign clients and businesses of all scales. We always keep communication lines open and ensure transparency in all processes, so our clients are continually up-to-date and informed about their business operations in the Philippines.

In addition, Satellite Office is the only known provider with highly skilled and experienced management teams based permanently in Australia, US and the Philippines.

Read more about this in the About Us section.

What sets Satellite Office apart from other offshoring companies in the Philippines?

We provide highly consultative outsourcing services to our clients and take a partnership approach. Our unique value proposition begins with our Account Management which helps us to deliver a personal, ‘hand holding’ approach to our clients which continues through the life of the client. The Sydney Team is headed up by Michael, who brings a high level of business expertise and change management experience having headed up both public and private companies. Our team in Manila is led by Jeff Blake, a highly experienced senior executive having worked for over 17 years in the BPO Philippines / offshoring sector. Jeff is responsible for all operations and support services performed in Manila for Satellite Office. This combination of highly experienced senior executive talent in Australia and the Philippines provides a strong point of difference to other outsourcing companies.

In addition, our specialized offshore recruitment professionals aim to recruit the best talent for any given role at the agreed budget. Our approach is to partner with our clients, by understanding their business and talent requirements, across technical and non-technical roles, to build their own teams sourced from a highly experienced, English speaking, and university educated talent pool. Each person we endorse for processing has been finely screened to match the client’s specific needs and our in-depth research of the Philippines outsourcing talent market. We focus on quality, and efficiency, continuously communicating with all points of contact to ensure that hires are not only the best fit for the job specification, but are also a great cultural match for our client, maximizing the opportunity for them to contribute towards the growth and success of our clients.

Our on-going quality of services and operations also ensures an above industry average for client and staff retention. Satellite Office invests considerable time and resources into creating an exceptional work environment, both within our facilities as well as extra activities and engagement outside of the work environment.

Read more about this in the Services section.

Why offshore or outsource to the Philippines?

SMEs and multinational corporations from across the globe such as JP Morgan Chase, IBM, and Accenture have outsourced and offshored jobs in the Philippines because of the following factors:

  • Lower cost in labor and operational expenditure
  • Professional and reliable work ethic
  • Globally competitive and educated labor force
  • Strong proficiency in the English language and Western culture
  • Excellent infrastructure and continued investment

Read more about this in the Why the Philippines section.

What services can be outsourced or offshored to the Philippines?

The Philippines is the leading contact centre hub in the world because of the Filipinos’ strong proficiency in English. However, the Philippines is also a global leader in a wide variety of other knowledge-based disciplines, processes and tasks, taking advantage of the country’s talented population and low labour costs. These include roles across all areas of Customer Service, Sales and Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Design and Content Management, IT and Development, as well as Finance and Back-Office Processing

Read more about this in the Areas of Expertise section.

How much time do we need to recruit candidates for our business in the Philippines?

This depends on the number of candidates you need and their skill sets. Generally speaking, Satellite Office can post job advertisements, complete the endorsement, skills testing, interview and selection process (with your final approval) within 4 to 6 weeks for technical roles, or 3 to 4 weeks for non-technical roles. In addition, it is standard to allow for a 4 week notice period after signing the employment contract, resulting in 7 to 8 weeks before the staff have commenced employment.

Read more about this in the Talent Recruitment section.

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